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The Mall

Gimme Shelter is a mall space with independent shop owners and collectors opening in 2016.                               Please call for appointments to sell, consign and buy!  


   Our inventory is:  home and office furnishings from the 50's-the 70's 

                               vintage guitars and gear

                               designer clothing and vintage for men and women

                               vinyl records and players

                               skateboards and skate apparel

                               health and  beauty care in our "Social Salon"


Join our email list to learn about our grand opening and wine receptions!

We promise a positive and inspiring shopping experience where everything we do is to support the community of         our city and the members at The Sioux City Coservatory of Music a 501c3 non-profit.                                                     a portion of proceeds from the anti-mall will always support The Conservatory)

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